OUR STORY | Pitango



Fifteen years ago we started making our own fresh, homemade soup and it tasted so good we wanted to share it. So we started selling soup from the back of our van, and Pitango was born.

We’re a little bigger now (and we make our food in our Pitango kitchen now), but our obsession for real food that tastes great and is good for you hasn’t left us. Our cooks only use natural ingredients that you would find in your kitchen at home and make our stocks from scratch, fresh, every day. We carefully select the finest quality ingredients and use simple techniques to bring out the best flavour. The result? Our soups and meals are always fresh, always mouth-wateringly delicious.


  • We only ever use the highest quality, 100% natural, fresh ingredients.
  • We sustainably source our ingredients from small, local growers.
  • Pitango food is always FRESH. That’s why you find it in the chiller.
  • We never add any preservatives to our soups or risottos.
  • We offer Gluten Free, Organic and Free Range options in our range.
  • We make every pack mouth-wateringly YUMMY. 

That's why it's real, honest food and nothing else.