RECIPES | Pitango

These can be prepared in advance, then chilled. Allow 20 minutes to cook and serve. Great party food to wow your friends.



500g pouch of Pitango Tomato, Feta & Basil Risotto

200g Diced Pancetta

150g firm Mozzarella

50g Fresh Basil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 Free Range Eggs (whisked)

Vegetable oil for deep frying

200g bread crumbs seasoned with salt & pepper

Lemon zest

Sweet paprika



Preheat your oven to 200°C. Put the diced pancetta in an oven roasting pan. Put in the oven and bake until crispy and remove. Turn oven down to 180°C.


Place the cold Pitango risotto in a mixing bowl, add the crispy pancetta, torn fresh basil and diced mozzarella, then add a handful of bread crumbs and mix well. Use wet hands and form into large balls approximately 2 inches in diameter.


Place each ball in the egg wash then roll in the rest of the bread crumbs. Place on a plate, cover and put in the fridge to chill for 30 minutes, or longer if you’re pre-preparing for the next day.


Once the Arancini Balls have chilled for 30 minutes, add enough oil in a saucepan to reach a depth of 5cm. Heat oil to 170°C and deep fry the balls in small batches for 4-5 minutes, until golden. Serve on a plate with a side salad of your choice. Enjoy.